Podcast: Designing Open Democracy 2020 Primer

Google Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13O9gqVEa80E9mIBAmEqWBA9CgN1xAiftkQGf3NR3y3c/edit?usp=sharing

In this episode, we will be officially explaining about the aims and goals of Designing Open Democracy for this year.

This was recorded as part of a February Designing Open Democracy Melbourne Australia meetup event “Designing Open Democracy 2020 Primer” that was held on 2020-02-21

During this primer, we were also joined in the Audience by a few members of other democracy related organisations. One was Kimbra White from MOSAICLAB as well as Willow from Coalition of Everyone.

Designing Open Democracy Primer 2020 Meeting Notes (DOD, Feb 2020)

Current actors in this space that we are aware of

  • MiVote, Horizon State

  • Flux, SecureVote

  • NewVote

  • Politico

  • Linux Conference Australia

  • Open Democracy (UK)

  • Can we find a way to get democracy R&D? (Network of international groups and orgs)

  • GovHack

  • AngryAussie (YouTube) was part of the “trust as a concept” panel last year.

  • New Democracy Foundation

  • Code For Australia (Civic Tech)

4 Elements of a healthy society?

  • Mechanism
    • Law
    • Finance
  • Cultural
    • Media
    • Education


  • Passions
  • High Schoolers