Next event proposal for June : Post Australian Election Analysis?

Hi this is Brian from Designing Open Democracy,

Just before I launch the next meetup, I want to gauge how many people would be interested in this topic of Post Election Analysis?

This can just be a standard unstructured meetup. Or if there is anyone here who is interested, we can do a recorded panel discussion in Australia. Is there any Victorian candidates who be interested in doing this discussion? And what about other minor parties in Victoria?

Otherwise there is also a podcast I want to cover about the potential for a Second American civil war, which we could potentially discuss on its applicability to the Australian political context.

Also I am thinking this could be under the “Civics Australia” banner, that some of you guys may have heard of

Dear Brian,

If you’re organising it, I’ll attend. It sounds a little outside DOD’s scope, but I’d be interested to hear what others say.